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FJC Programs

FJC is an independent, national foundation that offers one of the most comprehensive philanthropic program portfolios in the United States. We continuously develop new products to meet the needs of our account holders and help them fulfill their philanthropic goals, while maximizing their charitable dollars.

Below is a brief overview of the programs FJC currently offers. Once you have determined which account type best suits your needs, please click on the program name for more information. If you are not sure which account is best for you, click here to review our chart "Which FJC Account is Right for Me?", or contact FJC at 212-714-0001 and we will be happy to help you determine the best account for YOU.

Donor Advised Funds
An FJC Donor Advised Fund is an efficient and flexible charitable tool allowing you to advise us to grant funds to qualified US and foreign charities of your choice at any time while enjoying immediate tax and investment opportunities. An FJC Donor Advised Fund also allows you to share the gift of philanthropy with future generations by designating successors to your account.

This account type requires: a minimum establishing gift of $5,000; have a limited number of contributors to the account; and can only make distributions to qualified tax-exempt and religious organizations.

FJC Fiscal Sponsorship Program
The Fiscal Sponsorship Program (FSP) allows FJC to serve as the U.S. fiscal sponsor for charitable projects. The FSP allows FJC to accept tax-deductible donations on behalf of program participants.

Participants may be: U.S. start-up organizations that have applied to the IRS for tax-exempt status; one-time projects; or overseas charities that do not have an "American Friends of" entity. The FSP is an efficient way to test ideas in the charitable marketplace.

This account type requires: an application and approval by FJC for entrance into the Fiscal Sponsorship Program; an annual Agreement to remain a FSP participant; and reports to be submitted to FJC every six months outlining the activities of the project. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Collective Giving Funds
Collective Giving Funds allow for an unlimited number of contributions from various sources. Some examples of Collective Giving Funds include funds setup by a family in memory of a loved one or by a group of friends who want to establish a philanthropic-minded activity.

This account type requires: no minimum establishing gift; can accept funds from unlimited numbers of contributors; and can only make distributions to qualified charitable organizations.

Young Philanthropist Funds
A Young Philanthropist Fund is a donor advised fund that is established for someone college-age or younger. Accounts may be created in connection with a milestone event, such as a graduation, birthday, religious ceremony, or simply to facilitate the next generation’s active involvement in philanthropy.

This account type requires: an establishing gift of $1,800 and; has an unlimited number of contributors for a short period of time when in connection with an event. Future contributions are then limited to the immediate family and distributions can only be made to qualified tax-exempt organizations.

Designated Fund Accounts
Designated Fund Accounts support one named organization for the duration of the account’s existence. A Designated Fund Account may be established by an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization. The named organization’s status will be reviewed at the time the account is established and regularly during the life of the account to ensure the organization is a qualified tax-exempt organization.

This account type requires: an establishing gift of $5,000; have a limited number of contributors; and limits distributions to one charity at the time the account is opened.

FJC Agency Loan Fund
The FJC Agency Loan Fund provides secured loans to credit qualified charitable organizations, which often have limited access to other credit sources. The loans are made at market rates of interest and there are no fees or pre-payment penalties to the borrower. 

The FJC Agency Loan Fund is also an investment option made available to FJC account holders. The net return on the Agency Loan Fund is credited to FJC accounts that selected this investment option and will ultimately be directed to a charitable organization. The return varies with changes in market interest rates and utilization ratios.

FJC Gift Certificates
FJC Gift Certificates are the perfect way to acknowledge a wonderful event or say “Thank You” to someone. FJC account holders request FJC gift certificates, for $100 or more, and the recipient is able to recommend a grant to the qualified tax exempt organization of their choice. They are a unique way to share the gift of giving.