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FJC Gift Certificates

FJC Gift Certificates are the perfect way to acknowledge a wonderful event, say thank you, and show your appreciation and affection.

An FJC Gift Certificate entitles recipients to recommend a gift to the qualified tax-exempt charity of their choice. FJC account holders may request Gift Certificates in any amount of $100 or greater. Gift Certificates are produced on elegant paper, and we can send them directly to the recipients, or donors can keep them on hand to distribute at the time of their choice for a special occasion or as a last minute gift.

Unless requested at the time the certificate is issued, FJC Gift Certificates do not expire.

To Request a Gift Certificate: An FJC account holder can submit a request using the FJC Gift Certificate Request Form or by sending an e-mail to FJC. Your request for certificates can be submitted in one of the following formats:

a. No recipient is named; just the dollar amount for the certificate is provided. This will allow FJC to send the certificates directly to you so you can distribute them at any time you choose.

b. The recipient is named and the dollar amount for the certificate is provided. We can either mail the certificate to you to deliver to the recipient, or mail it directly to them.

The value of the certificates requested will be deducted from your Fund and placed in a suspense account to be used at the time the certificate is redeemed. The certificate will be mailed out as requested with clear instructions and a postage-paid return envelope.

After the recipient completes the organizational information, signs the certificate, and returns it to FJC, FJC will process the redeemed certificate as though it was a recommendation from an existing FJC account. Gift Certificate Recipient(s) will be named as recommender(s) on the distribution and will receive a copy of the grant letter sent to the organization.